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As I approached the monstrous Peddie School campus in search of the football field, I immediately pulled into the first available parking lot which was packed with vehicles, school buses and a countless number of students, parents and fans. My first thought was, "Wow, this game will be packed". Little did I know that I had pulled into the parking lot closest to the soccer complex where soccer matches between Blair and Peddie were also being held. To my suprise, the football game was only one of many events that these two schools would be competing in during this tradition filled day.

Peddie and Blair have competed every November since 1903, which is the longest running continuous football series in New Jersey. The event filled day includes the two schools competing in five different sports which include soccer, football, field hockey, tennis and cross country. Each event won earns points that go towards the school's total and the school that gains the most points for the day take home the coveted Potter-Keller Cup.

In my years of covering high school events, I have never quite experienced anything like the atmosphere that this day full of events provided. It is quite a scene and school tradition and pride was on full display. I find myself already looking forward to next years Peddie vs Blair Day events which will take place at Blair Academy. This is an definitely an event that every high school sports fan should experience. I'm happy to say that I have finally done so.


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